Wow this year is going by fast! It seems like only yesterday it was January and the new year had started. Now it is only a couple months away from the holidays and things are moving fast. I have so much to plan and get done and it never seems to end, but with that in mind I do have a few things done, such as getting new items for the shop! Some new items that have been listed are the new Chunky Rhinestone Pendants that I have started listing. I love all these new pendants! They are so great for many different projects. One of my favorite things to use them for is our chunky necklaces like this. I just love the extra bling it gives to these necklaces. It also goes great on a regular chain necklace! So many fun things to do with these! Well, that is all I have for tonight but more items are coming as we get close to the holidays so keep an eye out!